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How to be successful in India as a DJ/Producer

There a lot of producers and DJs out there who want to make it to the top, but dont realize that their methods are failing, as a result leading to a phase where they tend to give up and let their past hard work go to waste.

Being a DJ or a music producer can be exciting and fun until you take your skills to the next level, and start releasing your tracks on record labels or play big events or shows, etc.

How can you gain reach as a DJ/Producer in India

1. Setup your Brand

Establishing a brand is the central element of making yourself successful. This is where you're made up of a name (Stage name) and logo will represent you as a DJ.

Every good business in any industry has a brand that perfectly describes their company. Therefore, It’s essential for you to come up with the perfect brand to represent yourself and your music.

As your logo has been announced and advertised, it won't take time for your audience to know it. They will then remember you every time they hear your name and see your logo.

Remember that this name and logo will be beneficial for advertisements as this name is going to be printed on t-shirts, banners, tv, posters, billboards, etc. when you can gain exposure in the future.

2. Finding your signature sound

As a DJ, it is important to have your own signature to stand out from all the other artists out there.

Remember that your music represents you as you are your endorser.
Your personal opinion of music should be able to translate on the tracks you release since every song that you produce has to go together from your brand name to your logo, as this will help you communicate with your audience.

3. Making connections

Remember that as a brand you should create your network! When I first started DJing, I used to meet new people often, and if I get the chance, I get contacts from the resident DJ of that club.
Keep in mind that the more connections you make, the better it becomes for you to get your name out in the market.

I used to get a lot of connections through meeting new people as I get contacts from my cousin’s friends and those friends would refer me to their friends and therefore making me build connections.

Therefore, it is essential to create connections as it will help you get more shows to play, even if it is going to be for free

4. Make your brand known through social media

It is a blessing for DJs to have access to social media as they can easily promote anything through these platforms.

As a DJ, it’s vital that you use this to your advantage and you frequently update your followers and potential fans through your social media channels and pages.

Making a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram business accounts, Soundcloud, MixCloud, and utilize music applications and platforms like iTunes and will help you gain reach through social media.

Never fail to engage with your fans. Comment back every once in a while even if just for the simple reason of making them feel special. Aside from you, your fans are the next people who could greatly help you in terms of promotion.

5.Attending DJ battles

Attending DJ battles might be one of the best ways to make your brand gain more audience. DJ battles usually occur in many school & college fests dor maybe a djing school might initiate DJ battle.

The key is to make sure that your mixing techniques and choice of music give the audience eargasms!

The primary objective of these battles isn't always winning the battle, but to meet other DJs, producers, and promoters and to connect with them so that you can build your network by collaborating, playing shows for them, etc.
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5. Joining a DJ School

Many people might disagree with this one, but I would suggest to you people to join a DJ school to upskill in DJing and music production.

There are many ways of learning DJing and music production by your self, but you are never going to understand where you are going wrong since there isn't anyone to guide you.

Being certified from a DJ school increases your chances of being successful as you will learn to DJ and sound professional with your music.

Therefore, going to a DJ school helps a lot. Many well-certified DJ schools in India will help you gain a lot of knowledge, plus refer you to a lot of places where you can showcase your skills.

Top 5 DJ schools in India:

Lost Stories academy, Mumbai
DJ Chetas academy, Mumbai
Spin Gurus, Delhi
Mixlabs, Banglore
Beatworx Studio, Banglore


Well, now you understand that networking is critical, especially when you’re facing tremendous competition from countless other DJs that are also trying to get it to the top like you.

Having a phone is a blessing in today’s world as marketing and promotion can be done with this simple device.

Being successful isn't easy because it takes a lot of time to gain your fan base. You never really know when you might shoot up because of your hard work.

What do you feel about the present Dance music scene?

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